Sandy P.Peng: Just a BAD PENG

Sandy P.Peng: Just a BAD PENG - but sometimes a NICE PENG!

I'm a crazy, happy and funny tattoo model from Austria who loves to make
unusual shootings. I love my family, traveling, animals, tattoos and my
friends. I fight actively for the rights of animals and am also in the
anti-fur campaign of the world's largest animal protection organization  "PETA" with it. Since I am against the wearing of fur I have quite big on my thighs: get a tattoo "INK not MINK“.

When did you get your first tattoo? At what age, and what was it?
My first tattoo was made on my upper arm when I was aged 20. At that time, tribal tattoos were very modern. It hurts and I have promised myself never to leave me more tattooed again. Nevertheless, a few months later came up the next tattoo. Then I was hooked on a new color! My first tattoos have no special meaning for me. Today I have some tattoos remind me of people and parts of my life. On my left arm I have the following inscription: "Mejores Amigas" - this
means: FOREVER FRIENDS. My best friend and I made this tattoo a half year before her death. Tina died on 04.02.2007 then I did a memory tattoo on my back for Tina" with her date of death.
On my leg is written: Live life!

Since I am fighting for the rights of animals I have tattooed on my thighs in large letters:  INK not MINK! I love funny tattoo designs. I am a cheerful and open minded person and that is why these kind of tattoos suit me. My Tattoo colors attract my whole body through red, grey and black.
My Tattooartists:
> Andy Haller – FAT FOOGO Tattoo (AT)
> Karsten Koch – FAT FOOGO Tattoo (AT)
> Shaun Topper – DA VINCI TATTOO (NYC)
> Augustin  - NYHC Tattoo (NYC)
> John Lloyd (Atlanta)
> Axel – Alien Tattoo (NL)
> Pepe – (DE)
My tattoo artists Andy and Karsten from FAT FOOGO Tattoo are my favorites!

Dear readers, let you continue to tattoo, but remember, you do let the tattoos from the best tattoo studios. A tattoo should be joyous and it's worth it to wait for an appointment of a top tattoo artist. Meanwhile, the apprentices of the famous tattoo artist has great masters in their work.
Stop the killing of animals for the wearing of fur. Ink, Not Mink!
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Facebook Fanpage: Sandy P.Peng


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